A Solid Foundation For Your Tea Business

Whether you’re a veteran food business owner or you’re just getting started,you can’t go wrong with bubble tea training with Boba Academy.

In addition to serving high-quality bubble tea ingredients,we believe the success of a restaurant business is rooted in consistency and precision in your food preparation.

Welcome to bubble tea training!

Welcome to Bubble Tea Training! Here at Bubble Tea Training, we work to create the training experience you want. We offer extensive training on how to make bubble tea / boba tea, teas, coffee, snow fluff and go over the business fundamentals to help you succeed. We have assisted numerous shops, cafes, food trucks, restaurants get started and create successful, profitable businesses. We would love to help you too! Contact us to get started today!

Learn how to make drinks

Learn how to make smoothies, slushies, milk teas and flavored teas.

Learn how to market your shop

We will show you effective ways to market your bubble tea shop

Learn how to manage employees

We will provide ways you can lead employees to run an efficient shop!